Halibuy Fashion Low-rise trousers 2023 Fall Trend 1/4

Low-rise trousers + tight tops + headscarves

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 I think everyone knows about this since the trend is too apparent, but I still have to talk about it to make my article as comprehensive as possible.

In 2000 movies or TV series, such as Sex and the City, Friends; Movies like Clueless and Legally Blonde; There are many combinations of Low-rise trousers, tight tops and headscarves.

Think about the high-waist pants that we have worn for so many years; it's time to change our aesthetics. Whether it's low-waist flared pants or low-waist straight-leg pants, or low-waist printed pants, mainly low-waisted.

In terms of the tight-fitting tops, whether tight-fitting long-sleeved or tight-fitting short-sleeved or tight-fitting sweater or tight-fitting jacket, is mainly tight-fitting.

Lace up halter top + High waisted hollow out pant

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- Will the trend for wearing low-rise jeans take off this time?

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