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Many of you have asked us in the email or IG for haibuy reviews and the shopping experience. So we did a little Q&A and rounded up some of the top questions you had and answered them here for you! 

Knowing a few things before shopping at Halibuy, you'll find the experience a lot easier, and save a lot of money on clothes! Most of our pieces are between $10-$15, and you could often see the same items selling at boutiques for four times as much!

Halibuy Reviews & Common Questions

  • Sizing

We get a lot of questions about sizing. One of the reasons is that most of our customers see our products on Instagram, and we haven't fully set up the Instagram shop, so our customers haven't got a chance to go on the website and check on the size chart. We would try to set up the IG/FB shop very soon. Meanwhile, we have a size chart for every product.

halibuy size charthalibuy size charthalibuy size char table

    • Quality

Check out Halibuy Fashion Customers' reivews

We always get this question from our customers when trying to make their first purchase in Halibuy. But in fact, we seldom get complaints about our quality; we are confident that our product quality could fit all our customer's expectations. And Halibuy review could also be seen under each product.

  • Website Reliability

We frequently get a question in the comment ask whether we are legit or not. We are super confident to say we are one hundred percent legit. We are using Shopify as our tool to build the website, and we also offer a different type of payment method, including PayPal. As we all know, Shopify has a strict policy; also, PayPal has a strict policy. So you don't need to worry about we are legit or not, and yes, Halibuy is a reputable and legit company!

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Check out Halibuy Fashion Customers' reivews