How to put together sexy and casual in 2023

How to achieve both casual and sexy when dressing up? You can try some methods and choose what suits you. Once you have perfect control of your wardrobe, you can not only wear it comfortably but also become the focus of the crowd.

Show off your figure boldly

You can observe your body shape first, and find out where your strengths are. Then choose casual clothes that can highlight your advantages. Usually, we will choose to wear tighter clothes. This is a direct and effective method. Of course, wearing too tight is not recommended and will appear deliberate. Remember that our purpose is to coexist with casual and sexy.

If you have a beautiful back, you can prepare some backless tops or backless dresses in the wardrobe such as this open back halter top or this halter backless bodycon dress. If you have sexy thighs, mini dresses or high waist pants are definitely suitable for you. If your arms are sexy, then this sleeveless multicolor mini dress or this sleeveless sheer lace up crop top is regulars in your wardrobe.

How to put together sexy and casual      How to put together sexy and casual

In addition, dark color is the color of self-cultivation, you can wear dark and slightly tight clothes. For example, it is cold in winter, you can use dark high necked dresses or knitted dresses instead of bulky ordinary sweaters. The choice of the neckline is also very important. You can use a slim V-neck instead of the ordinary collar for your usual tops. Sexy buttocks are often restricted by a dress. You can choose tight leather pants or high waisted jeans. There are some more sexy parts of your body, such as shoulders and collarbone. You can choose to wear a halter open back top or a hollow out halter dress. And maybe an off shoulder item will suit you better. These are subtle changes that cannot be ignored, and they will bring you unexpected effects.

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Combine your clothing

How to strike a balance between casual and sexy is also a key point, mainly the mixture of different styles. You can show off your beautiful legs in a sexy skirt and put on an ordinary long sleeve buckle top, a skirt set is better. A loose, casual high necked shirt with a tight mini halter top, with a bit of lazy sexy while being casual. Use a low-cut top or backless top with a pair of wide-leg pants or jeans. Choose some lace up top or dress, it is also very comfortable to wear while you can show part of the skin.

How to put together sexy and casual     How to put together sexy and casual

Right size

Inappropriate clothes and bottoms may lead to disgust and misunderstanding. When buying clothes, you can think about how to match them for you first. Especially sexy clothes, this kind of clothes generally have stricter size requirements, it is best to ask the sales staff about the size chart first.

Leave imagination

Exposure and sexy are two different concepts. Is the more skin exposed, the sexier it becomes? Obviously, this is a wrong understanding. There is nothing wrong with showing your body, but in a casual environment, too deliberately exposing your body may make people next to you feel at a loss. When you can master the sexy scale and leave some imagination to others, it will be the sexiest embodiment. For example, wearing a mini dress has already exposed your legs. You can match it with a tight-fitting long sleeve top to cover your body while at the same time you can see the charming silhouette. By the same token, tight-fitting pants fit the contours of your thighs and can show your thighs and buttocks without exposing your skin. High waist pants can show your sexy buttocks. Be brave and wear dark, such as a mesh see through long sleeve top or a mesh see-through crewneck dresswith tight inside and or nipple.

How to put together sexy and casual     How to put together sexy and casual

Need more red

Research shows that for certain biological factors, women wearing red are very attractive to men. Such as red skirts, bags, shoes, or red lipstick. There is a misunderstanding here, not all women can handle the colour red. And red is also different, some people are suitable for pink, and some people are suitable for dark red. Choosing the red that suits you can effectively add sexy attributes, and the same is true for casual wear.

Give up your old clothing

When I go shopping and change into new clothes, I always feel happy. When I am positive, I feel confident about myself. Women will show sexier at this time. You will feel tired if you wear old clothes all the time. This is a very negative phenomenon. Update your wardrobe in time and fill yourself with anticipation and freshness for the future! When going to the same place, try to switch between different dresses, boldly experiment with different colors and designs. Tired of wearing a black suit to work? Boldly try other color combinations. The old jeans are paired with a bright halter top or tank top, and then put on a handsome leather jacket, perfect for the use of old things. Of course, it is not recommended to wear old jeans all the time. Excessive folds will cover up your figure.

How to put together sexy and casual     How to put together sexy and casual

Follow up fashion blogs and magazines

You will frequently update the clothes in your closet, and paying attention to fashion blogs and impurities can provide you with the right guidance. Teach you how to match your own clothes and find your favourite casual sexy outfits. You can collect them and add attention to them, keep up with their new topics and find this year's fashion trends. When you see the one you like, shop it and add it to your closet.

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