How to Wear a Tank top

Tank tops are an excellent casual pairing that will fit a wide variety of pants and outerwear and express yourself in a cute and fun way. Tank tops are great for layering and are very versatile. Pay attention to the choice of bra and the matching of coat, and add some decorations if necessary.

Top and Bra

1. Match with special bras.
If your vest has thin straps, the extra pair of straps on a regular bra will make your outfit look out of place. Choose a tube top or a strapless bra to support your breasts and look more sexy and natural. If you feel that a strapless bra is not suitable, you can also choose a bra with transparent straps. If you're wearing a knitted and tight tank top, pair it with a seamless bra. Even if you're in perfect shape, tight clothing can expose some lumps under your armpits. Choosing an ordinary bra at this time will make your image worse. Conversely, a seamless, underwired bra avoids this to the max, hiding under your tank top to blend in with your torso. Of course, you can wear any bra you like if you're used to your coat sticking around.

2. Match according to body type.
The shoulder straps need to match the width of the shoulders. The width of the vest straps should be in a normal proportion to the shoulders, which will help make the vest look better for you. If you have wider shoulders, choose wider straps. If you have narrow shoulders, choose small straps.
The neckline can also be selected according to the shoulder width at the same time. You can choose a V-neck for wider shoulders, and you can choose a dark or vertical pattern in the color, which will make your silhouette look slimmer. You can choose a round neck for narrower shoulders. You can choose bright colours such as orange or white. You can choose horizontal patterns to make your body look more symmetrical.
You can also use the bust as the b standard to choose the style of the neckline. Different necklines can make your bust appear larger or smaller. It can even make people's eyes shift to your chest from other places. Generally speaking, the more details on the neckline, the more attractive people will be. For example, choose a neckline with pleats or lace trims, which will make your breasts look fuller. Of course, if you don't want people staring at your chest all the time, you can choose a tank top with a neckline above your cleavage.

3. If the bust is particularly large, you need to pay attention.
When you have a large bust, it may not be suitable for all kinds of strapless bras. You must choose a normal bra that can provide enough support for your chest. At this time, you can choose to wear a vest with wider shoulders, which can block the shoulder straps of the bra. Or choose a variety of coats, cardigans and bottoms to mix and match for a distraction that balances the unsightly look of the exposed straps.

4. Versatile basic vest
There are some basic vests, usually solid-coloured vests with more conventional cutting methods. Great for layering, it can be worn with just about anything, like high-waisted pants, jeans, button-down shirts, and more. Some basic styles will have lace at the neckline and hem, which can be layered under a refitted shirt.

5. Tank tops with some prints or embellishments
If you need to go out a lot, for some dates and special nights. Get ready for some well-decorated vests that are not as modest as the basic ones, but not as fancy as the designed ones. These vests usually have beading, lace or frills. Some will work hard on the print, and a beautiful print can also make your tank top unique. Match with suitable jewelry to fill in some details. Even the simplest of trousers or skirts can make you more attractive.

Layered Collocation

Opt for a solid tank top and wear a jacket or blazer over it for a more chic look. For summer, opt for a patterned jacket.
Wear a cardigan that unbuttons the vest to reveal the vest, perfect for cooler autumn climates, and opt for white and pink for even more cuteness.
Special outerwear can be chosen, such as a suit vest, wool vest or leather vest. Choose neutrals like grey or black for a special and fun style.
If you want to block something intimate, like a bra. You can wear a tank top in a contrasting colour under your shirt.
If you want to be warm without looking bulky, a tank top is a great option. Choose a camisole with better elasticity and hide it at the bottom layer of your clothes.
In summer, wearing a tank top under a nice shirt can prevent sweat from compromising the look. Choose a colour that matches your skin tone and can absorb your sweat and oil without being seen. Especially when wearing expensive silk shirts, a vest can protect your shirt well from getting dirty.

Add Accessories

1. Matching Jewelry
Tank tops are relatively simple clothes that can be paired with some more prominent accessories to make your look more interesting. For example, match some bracelets, longer necklaces, or large earrings. Jewelry paired with lace vests and vests made of silk will look more upscale and are the best combination for formal occasions.

2. With a scarf
If you are careful about showing cleavage, you can also use a scarf to block it. Especially the scarf made of silk can not only block the exposed part of the chest but also add sexily. Not only can the scarf be worn around the neck, but it can also be used as a headband to tie up hair in summer, or tied around the waist as a belt.

3. Pair it with a tote bag
The vest looks relatively small, exquisite and simple. At this time, holding a large tote bag will not affect your appearance at all, but will make the image richer and fuller. You can try some contrasting combinations, such as you are wearing a village-coloured vest, and you can carry a handbag with a special pattern. Conversely, if your vest has a rich pattern, pair it with a solid-coloured tote.

4. With a belt
If your vest is a solid or neutral colour like black, white or grey. Wear it with a brightly coloured belt to avoid being too monotonous. If you're wearing a tank top that's too loose, try tying a belt around your waist. Use your hands to adjust the slack fabric to make you look slimmer. Or when you're bottoming in jeans, a leather belt would be more appropriate.



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