How To Be Sexy-Words And Deeds in 2023

Maintain eye contact

Eye contact is the most important nonverbal communication method. In order to make yourself look more sexy, you must attract the other person with your eyes. If you are still a little shy, just glance at the other person quickly and let him see your gaze. Sweeping his eyes continuously until he caught his attention. If you feel that he has noticed you, stop on him for a while before looking away, and give him an encouraging smile when you turn around.


Smile and expression

A person with a smile looks friendly and approachable. A kind person is more likely to let others feel that you are interested in him, and more likely to arouse other people's interest. Laughing will appear confident and friendly, but a shy pursed smile looks more dignified and has its charm. You need to grasp the range of the smile, just show your teeth a little. Remember to relax, mental tension will make your smile look stiff, which will make people feel strange. Relax and make your expression come alive. Blinking, nodding and shaking your head will make you look more energetic. An energetic person will look more sexy than a stiff and restrained person.


Maintain a good posture

A good posture will make you look better. Even a perfect person will not look good in a lazy state. Try to stand and sit upright, so that you will feel more energetic and the whole person will look more attractive. A good posture will make people feel confident, which is one of the important parts of sexiness. It is also very important to move your hands naturally with your body when walking. This can be practiced appropriately.


Light body contact

Stroking the boy’s forearm with your hand during the conversation implies that you are interested in the conversation between you and hope to break the boundaries of physical contact between the two of you. Don't be too obvious or too sensitive, it will make people think you are weird. If you don't like to touch someone else's body, then gently brush your neck and collarbone with your hand. This little action will attract the attention of others.


Apply lipstick in public

Don't hide in the bathroom to apply lipstick, take out your small mirror, and apply lipstick in front of everyone in an open manner. This action will draw people's attention to your lips. It is generally believed that lips and eyes are the most sexy part of the face.


Slow down

In the fast-paced world now, slowing down can attract attention and send a message: you have the ability to do things at your own pace. Slow down and add pauses between sentences. Slow down when walking, keep your head up, and don't run around in a hurry.

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