How to wear backless dress in 2023

The backless dress is an elegant dress to show individuality. Many girls feel that the naked back makes them uncomfortable, so they dare not wear it. In fact, backless outfits are very popular on many formal occasions. Choosing the right underwear is a prerequisite. Always pay attention to skincare, and wear some accessories as an embellishment when necessary. Believe me, a backless dress will make you look elegant on important occasions.

Choosing A Bra Before Wearing Backless Dress

It's a good habit to choose the right dress and the right underwear before attending a prom or party. How can you be non-exposed and beautiful? This is a question worthy of your consideration. Wearing a backless dress, in particular, cannot be matched with ordinary bras, and it is often necessary to choose special alternatives.

1. For small bust
If you have a small bust size and don't need to worry about the lack of support for the chest and cause unsightly, you can choose a silicone sticker. If you wear normal underwear while wearing a backless dress, the straps on the back will be exposed and look very indecent. You can choose not to wear underwear if you have small breasts, but many backless dresses are made of a certain degree of transparency, and some of them will be vacant under the armpits. You may expose yourself if you don't wear underwear. So choose a silicone sticky bra that you like to avoid this risk.

2. For big bust
Similarly, if your bust size is relatively large, you should be aware that it is easy to be exposed and indecent from the front if you don't wear underwear or just stick a piece of silicone patch. At this time, you need to wear a low-back bra to give your chest enough support. And the straps of this kind of bra are wrapped around your waist and can be well hidden under the dress. Or you can choose some low-cut backless dress, this kind of dress comes with the function of supporting the chest so that you can use silicone stickers.

How to wear backless dress


3. Transparent back bra
If you feel uncomfortable wearing a low-back bra, you can choose a bra with a transparent back. The shoulder straps and the back of this kind of bra are made of transparent plastic or textiles, which will not affect the beauty of your back. And it can also prevent your breasts from showing through under your armpits. It is a very good choice.

4. For high neck backless dress
Some backless dresses have high collars. This type of dress will have less exposed backs overall and will be wrapped around the underarms, which reduces the risk of exposure. Wearing this dress can be matched with a backless bra, which can provide enough support for the chest. And this kind of bra will also be completely blocked by the dress because the underarms are wrapped, so you don't have to worry about the appearance.

How to wear backless dressHow to wear backless dress



Take Care Of Your Skin

1. Offen wash
The back is easy to be overlooked when taking a bath. Remember to clean it with bath tools. You can use antibacterial cleaning liquid or scrub to clean it. Otherwise, the dirt and impurities discharged from the body will accumulate in the pores of the back, and over time will form acne.

2. Beware of sweating
Maybe you are a fitness enthusiast, so you can naturally develop a charming back curve. Due to regular exercise, the metabolism is developed, the back is easy to sweat in summer, and the discharged impurities will adhere to the pores or clothes. Remember to take off sweaty clothes in time, and then take a bath to clean up the dirt and bacteria remaining on the skin. Keeping this good habit, the skin on the back will be kept clean, so that you will be more confident in a backless outfit.

3. When you have long hair
You may have beautiful long hair. Imagine wearing a backless dress with a charming back and beautiful hair. Of course, what we are going to discuss is not hair, but the conditioner we usually use. In order to care for the hair, a conditioner is usually used after washing the hair. Some conditioners contain chemical residues that not only damage the hair but also affect the skin on the back. If possible, please use hair care products made of purely natural substances, and wash your back again after washing your hair with a conditioner.

4. Skincare products
Especially in winter, it is recommended to use skincare products on the back. Your skin will be very dry in winter, and dry skin will produce more lipid or fat and accumulate more impurities. We should use a moisturizer on dry skin. Apply a layer of moisturizer before putting on clothes after bathing. Maintaining the softness and moisture of the skin at all times can prevent acne, especially for people who are prone to dry and sensitive skin.

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 How to wear backless dress


How to wear backless dress


How to wear backless dress


How to wear backless dress


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