Some Fashion Trivia

This article would talk about some Fashion Trivia.
Chanel hates green. This is a tradition passed down by the brand founder COCO CHANEL, because in 20 century, although green is a popular color, it is made of chemical dyes that are highly toxic. So in the former Chanel design, you won't see any product with green. However, thanks to the development of chemical technology, we can now see a variety of fairy green in Chanel.
Hermes' orange packaging is a brand symbol. But the earliest packaging box is beige (imitation of pigskin). With the outbreak of World War II and material shortages, everything was issued according to the quota by the government. Wrapping paper in beige colour (imitation pigskin) was all used up.The only color left for material in the manufacture is orange cardboard; Hence, Hermes had no other option but to use orange for packaging. Nowadays this colour has become the classic Hermes orange.
NIKE's classic advertising slogan, JUST DO IT comes from a murderer, an American serial killer GARY GILMORE. In his penalty, he was asked what his last words were . He then said, "LET'S DO IT. NIKE replaced JUST with LET'S to enhance the impact and tone. The revised JUST DO IT slogan was a big success.
Fendi was the first brand to walk on the Great Wall in China. It took Fendi almost two years and more than 10 million dollars to get the show of the century come true. And Karl Lagerfeld, the brand's designer at the time, chose the number 8 as a symbol of the show, and 8 is a lucky number in China. 8 beacons, 88 meters and 88 models, the show is one of the most famous fashion events in history.
Givenchy, the founder of the brand, was known as a fashion giant because he was 1 meter 98. And his acquaintance with Audrey Hepburn was a misunderstanding at the beginning. When Hepburn's agent called GIVENCHY to select some new clothes for Hepburn, Givenchy thought that this Miss Hepburn was the then famous Hollywood superstar Katharine Hepburn. So he agreed to offer it . However, after getting closer with Audrey Hepburn, he was impressed by Audrey Hepburn's elegance, and then launched the perfume, classic little black dress for Audrey Hepburn.

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