How to Put with Your Backless Dress

1. The back occupies a large part of the body, and proper standing and sitting posture is very important to your appearance. Relax your shoulders, keep your head up, and keep your posture as straight as possible. Being hunched over can make you feel listless and give you a bad impression. Keep your waist straight and tighten your abs while sitting. Make your body look bright and healthy at the same time. Sitting hunched over for a long time can make your blood circulation not smooth. When standing, try to bear the weight on your heels and balls so that your entire body is naturally straight. It is best to keep the head and shoulders on a vertical horizontal line, so that the shoulders can be fully relaxed, and the shoulder pain can also be avoided while being beautiful.

2. As mentioned above, the back occupies a large part of the body, and wearing a backless outfit will make the overall look more monotonous. At this time, you need some jewelry to adorn your dress. Backless outfits are meant to show off your back, and minimalist jewelry is a great option. Jewelry that is too conspicuous or exaggerated will steal the attention of others and make them ignore your beautiful back. In fact, it is not necessary to choose jewelry, simple and elegant earrings or exquisite bracelets can also add points to your image.

3. Choose a pair of shoes that go well with what you wear, especially when wearing an backless dress. This is often a concern for formal occasions, where backless dresses are common, and a pair of nice and non-distracting shoes is especially important. High heels are a great option, and if your dress has a nice trim or pattern, wear solid-colored shoes to avoid clashing with each other. Shiny shoes and black shoes can be paired with different colored clothes. If you want to experiment with more style, choose clothes and shoes in the same color but in different shades.

4. Avoid accessories such as scarves that cover your back. Of course some necklaces come with a design that hangs down the back, which is a good choice. It can be very nice to embellish your back without being too exaggerated, which helps to attract attention. If it really feels too monotonous, you can wear a hat of the same style, or a pair of earrings that are more prominent. Try not to block most of your back.

5. When choosing a coat, pay attention to the fact that you can bring a shawl or a jacket for outdoor activities, and the style should complement each other. But there should be limited consideration of comfort and warmth, open backs are easy to catch cold. And the cold wind outside can also make you uncomfortable. Indoor activities can be matched more abundantly. You can choose a transparent silk outerwear. When you want to show your back, it will not matter if you take it off.

6. Pin the long hair so that it does not block your back. There's not much point in wearing a backless dress if your hair is blocking your back. At this time, you should make a choice and choose the appropriate hairpin according to the style of dressing. Or figure out a way to put your hair up in a braid to complement your dress. Sometimes choosing the right hairpin and way to tie your hair is also an excellent way to decorate, not necessarily through accessories like necklaces and earrings.

7. If you don't like hairpins, or find braids cumbersome, you can also choose to change your hairstyle. Cut the hair short to cover the back slightly but still have enough skin exposed. Sometimes half covering can make your outfit more attractive. Or opt for loose curls that keep your hair in front of your chest without looking drab and behind your back without blocking your back.



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