How To Be Sexy-Dressing And Makeup in 2023

Show off your strengths

You may have a charming back, long slender legs, or a beautiful breast shape. These advantages should be fully demonstrated, you can wear some slightly exposed camisole or skirt with a certain degree of transparency. What is certain is that proper nudity will make men linger, and of course, excessive exposure may provoke resentment. So you need to find a balance that suits you. For example, if your breasts are plump and charming, you can try dressing with a certain degree of transparency, such as a see-through dress. If you have a charming back, wear a backless top or dress and don't show the front part of your chest. If your legs are very sexy, you can try short dress such as a mini dress.

Believe me, if you have been tightly wrapped, you will never become the protagonist of the audience. Boldly showing your strengths and keeping them appropriately can arouse men's desire to explore you.

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Search more sexy dress on Halibuy Fashion 

About red

Red is no stranger to us. Our usual impression of it is probably enthusiasm, prestige, vitality, hope and self-confidence. But in fact, this colour often used in daily life is still a representative word for sex, which will give people an ambiguous psychological hint. If you like your date very much today, and you don’t mind something happening, you might as well put on a red dress.

Remember, crimson lipstick is the most difficult to control, so you must use it with caution. According to the actual situation of your skin colour, choose light-coloured or dark-coloured lipstick, and it is recommended to choose low-key colours for other parts of the makeup after using red lipstick. The following are the combinations of several skin tones and different red lipsticks:

Choose a positive red colour for fair skin

For light yellow skin, try coral red

Moderate skin tone can match brick red

Light brown skin should use pink undertones

Chocolate skin with fuchsia

For coffee-coloured skin, try matching with cherry colour


The material of the clothes is also a detail

It is recommended to choose good-touch silk or polyester fibre with high transparency. If you are already living together, it is inevitable to create some fun in your life. At this time, wearing silk sexy underwear or a mesh top is a good choice.


Choose the right high heels

High-heeled shoes have an overall lifting effect on women's body shape, achieving the effect of raising the chest and raising the hips, and obviously, making the legs look longer. When you have a pair of beautiful legs, you can try high heels with a heel of 5-8 cm. I believe my tall figure will make you more attractive. Of course, there is no need to wear too high, which may cause pressure on your date. Now, high heels have become a symbol of mature women, and it turns out that on most formal occasions, high heels are the first choice for women. In the eyes of men and even women, wearing high heels and flat shoes is like the difference between a mature woman and a little girl. High heels will make others pay more attention to you and give you more opportunities, whether in work or in life.

How To Be Sexy-Clothing And Makeup 


The important role of a little perfume

Perfume is a sign of a woman's maturity, and it also represents her own unique taste. Each bottle of perfume represents the unique character of every girl in the world, especially the first bottle of perfume for girls, which is very meaningful. Look at a woman's perfume, you can locate her taste in life. If clothing and cosmetics show the beauty of women visually, then what perfume shows is sexy in smell.

After taking a shower or before going out in the morning, spray the perfume in the air, and then walk into the sprayed area, let the perfume molecules float on your hair, body and clothes. It can also be sprayed slightly behind the ears or on the neck, collarbone, and wrists, but it must be less because the scent must not be too heavy. Once the scent becomes heavier, it will not be sexy, and it will cause distress to the people around.

How can I make my scent purer? Perfume can be dropped on the place with a pulse, and must not be sprayed on the place with well-developed sweat glands. The place where the pulse is beating can let the perfume smell fully come out and bring out the pure perfume smell. The well-developed sweat glands can easily change the smell of perfume and give people a bad feeling.


Take care of your hair

Wash your hair according to your actual situation, because frequent washing will damage your hair. If there are no special circumstances, washing 3 to 4 times a week is enough. Some people's hair is naturally thick or curly, and it takes more time to take care of the hair, so the interval between washing your hair may be longer. If your hair is oily and needs to be washed every day, choose a milder shampoo formula. The hair is in a damp state just after washing. At this time, it is very fragile. It is best not to dry it with a towel or comb it to avoid damage to the cuticle. You can use a very absorbent towel to wrap your hair around and let it absorb the moisture. When your hair is slightly dry, use a comb with a wider tooth pitch to treat your hair. Remember to start from the tips of the hair and go down instead of from Hair roots can be combined with hair smoothing lotion to reduce friction.

After using a towel to absorb excess moisture, let your hair dry naturally. The efficiency of using a hairdryer is indeed very high, but frequent use will dry out the hair, causing split ends and breakage. If you don’t have time, and you need to use a hairdryer, you can spray exothermic spray on your hair first. Or buy an ion hairdryer, which emits some ions that can shorten the drying time and reduce split ends. Remember to stay away from your hair as much as possible when using the hairdryer to avoid getting your hair caught in the machine or getting burned.

Regardless of the choice of conditioner, spray or essence, you should try to choose pure natural ingredients and avoid excessive chemical additives. The harmful ingredients of chemicals will remain in the hair, and over time will cause irreparable damage to the hair.



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